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September 29th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbooks cover team betting sports, but without individual players there would be no teams and there would be no online sportsbook action.

And with the NBA regular season sportsbook drawing to a close there has been wide discussion of late over which players are most deserving of certain individual awards in the online sportsbook community. One of the most hotly debated individual awards in the sportsbook community has been the defensive player of the year.

Sportsbook fans from all walks to that follow the NBA action have widely varying opinions as to who the deserving recipient of the award should be. In a league that emphasizes offense much more than offense online sportsbook fans don’t always get to see the best team defense on display in the NBA but fortunately there are still individual players that take pride in shutting down their opponents.

According to most sportsbook experts one player deserving of the title of the Best Defensive Player in the NBA is Dwight Howard. Howard’s game has grown leaps and bounds since his rookie year of sportsbook action and over the past year his defensive game was very impressive. Most sportsbook fans know Howard for his impressive physique and until this year his low post scoring. But during the past year of sportsbook action he has grown into a defensive beast. For the first time in his young career he led the league in rebounding with 14.3 a game. He was also amongst the league leaders in blocked shots per game.

Howard’s competition for the award includes Denver’s man in the middle, Marcus Camby, who has long impressed sportsbook fans with his shot blocking and rebounding ability. He finished second to Howard in rebounding and has a strong case in the mind of most sportsbook experts. Guards in the running for the award include perennial defensive star Bruce Bowen of the Spurs, who online sportsbook fans are surely familiar with, and a new face to this category for many sportsbook fans, Rockets forward Shane Battier.

All these players have tremendous games and anyone would likely be deserving of the award, but when it comes down to it, online sportsbook fans should expect to see Howard add the award to his already impressive resume.

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