SEC Suspends Officiating Crew Sportbooks Betting

September 8th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbooks betting saw the Southeastern Conference suspend an officiating crew that worked last week’s Arkansas-Florida game.

The crew made a bad call that hurt Arkansas in the loss to Florida even though the Razorbacks did cover the college football betting number at sportsbooks.

Sportsbooks betting had the Gators winning 23-20 over Arkansas but Florida was nowhere near covering the college football betting pointspread in the game.  The officiating crew in the Arkansas-Florida game has not done a good job this sportsbooks season as it is the second time already they have made a very bad call in an SEC game.  Referee Marc Curles and his crew also made a terrible call in the LSU-Georgia game earlier this season that may have cost Georgia the game as sportsbooks betting noted. “A series of calls that have occurred during the last several weeks have not been to the standard that we expect from our officiating crews,” SEC commissioner Mike Slive said, “I believe our officiating program is the best in the country. However, there are times when these actions must be taken.”

The SEC has removed the crew from working games for now and they will not reschedule them until November 14th at the earliest. It is also very possible the crew will not work a college football bowl game. “The entire crew shoulders responsibility for each play. I have taken this action because there must be accountability in our officiating program,” Slive said. “Our institutions expect the highest level of officiating in all of our sports and it is the duty of the conference office to uphold that expectation.”

Officials have come under scrutiny in many sportsbooks betting situations lately.  The SEC is not the only conference to have trouble with their officials and college football is not the only sportsbooks betting sport to have trouble with officials. Major League Baseball has had terrible trouble recently with their umpires as they have blown numerous calls in the sportsbooks betting postseason.

The SEC gets more attention in sportsbooks betting than any other conference because they have a higher profile at sportsbooks. Sportsbooks betting has Florida and Alabama as the top two teams in college football and they are both SEC teams.  Online betting results can be impacted by the calls of officials although overall, the officials and referees do a fine job and rarely get much credit.

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