NFL Divisional Playoffs Betting Preview - Upset Watch

Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck shaking handsIf you are a NFL football betting fan of quarterbacks, then the 2015 divisional playoffs probably has you very excited. All eight QBs are in a class of their own: Romo, Rodgers, Wilson, Newton, Brady, Flacco, Luck and Manning.

In a way, these are the standout players that are expected to lead their teams to the Conference Championship and further. So can veterans like Brady and Manning complete the task? Can the younger guys rise to the occasion? This weekend will see some of the most exciting games of the postseason so far.

Of the eight remaining QBs, the one that, despite his talent, is not currently performing at a top level is Peyton Manning. He is undoubtedly one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.

Although this season did see him put on some great games, and even break a record, some of his recent performances have left many NFL football betting fans in doubt if he is playing at a top level, or with enough drive to take the Broncos to another Super Bowl. Some could even speculate that they might not make it past this round.

The Divisional Playoffs round will have the home teams enjoying a tough home field advantage. It could be argued that all home teams (Pats, Broncos, Packers and Seahawks) are expected to make it through. But do not rule out the underdogs in this round. Pretty much all of them have a fighting chance to pull the upset. Regardless, NFL football betting fanatics can expect all four games to be very close.

Which team is the one pick to make the upset? We strongly believe that the Panthers could be the underdogs to make it through. They face a real mighty challenge with the Seahawks though, but if Cam Newton is firing at all cylinders, expect some fireworks.