Top 20 Pitchers to Bet at the Sportsbook

October 23rd, 2020 Sportsbook

MLB News bring the top 20 Pitchers to Bet at the Sportsbook. Who are the best pitchers to bet at the sportsbook in baseball?Let’s take a look at the top 20 pitchers to bet at the offshore sportsbook as the Major League baseball season continues.

  1. Roy Halladay – You have to lay the wood with Halladay at the offshore sportsbook but how can you go against the best pitcher in the game.  The Phillies offense is a concern but Halladay normally holds the other team to just a run or two at most.
  2. Josh Johnson – The Marlins ace beat Halladay earlier this season and he is very much in the Cy Young race.
  3. Jon Lester – The Red Sox have put their early season struggles behind them and Lester is going to win a lot of games vs. the odds at SBG.
  4. Tim Lincecum – The Giants ace is coming off a rare bad start but he is usually money for the Giants.
  5. Felix Hernandez – The Mariners ace has the disadvantage of playing for a rotten team but he still gets his wins at the sportsbook.
  6. Jered Weaver – The Angels ace was unbeatable early in the season and he leads the league in strikeouts.
  7. Justin Verlander – He has already proven this year with his no-hitter that he has great stuff.
  8. Cliff Lee – As the season progresses you can expect Lee to get better.
  9. Dan Haren – He combines with Weaver for a potent one-two punch.
  10.  David Price – The Rays just continue to find ways to win and Price is their top pitcher.
  11.  Clayton Kershaw – The Dodgers ace is proving that he is one of the league’s best.
  12.  Cole Hamels – The forgotten man in Philly’s big four is oftentimes undervalued at the sportsbook.
  13.  Tommy Hanson – The Braves young star should start to heat up.
  14.  CC Sabathia – He usually warms up with the weather.
  15.  Matt Cain – If the Giants could ever score some runs he could win the Cy Young.
  16.  Trevor Cahill – He is the stud pitcher on the Oakland A’s.
  17.  Josh Beckett – He has proven this MLB News year that he is back to being dominant.
  18.  Max Scherzer – All he does is win.
  19.  Shaun Marcum – The best pitcher on Milwaukee just might be Marcum.
  20.  James Shields – The Rays are winning because of starting pitching and Shields has been great.


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