Mark Sanchez Era Begins With Eagles Win Over Panthers

October 19th, 2017 Sportsbook

Eagles player tackling Cowboys player with footballLast night, the Mark Sanchez era began for the Philadelphia Eagles and NFL betting fans might have not expected the blow out win that the Eagles got last night. But before we begin, let’s just say that, although the score was high, it was not Sanchez who was the highlight of the night; it was the Eagles’ defense.

The Panthers’ offense last night had their work cut out for them. The Eagle’s D forced five turnovers, sacked Cam Newton nine times (yes, you read that right), and to add insult to injury they scored a couple of non-offense touchdowns. Safe to say that Philly’s defensive performance fits the moniker of “Beast Mode.”

NFL betting pundits were expecting a tougher clash, the Eagles defense is strong and that is a widely known fact, but last night was a shot of redemption for Mr. “Butt-Fumble” Mark Sanchez, coming to substitute for the injured Nick Foles. He also brought the stuff that made him a high regarded quarterback when he came into the league. Sanchez threw for 332 yards and two touchdowns. He also connected very well with rookie Jordan Matthews, who pulled in seven receptions for 138 yards, and two TDs.

When the Panthers were on the offense, they were overpowered; they had one of those nights where nothing seems to work out for them. Cam Newton was being rushed constantly and his receivers where unable to escape and get open. When that sort of thing happens to a Football team, they must make adjustment. But last night, Carolina didn’t seem to be able to get things going. Regardless of what they did, the Eagles were on top of them.

With this win, the Eagles are proving to be a serious team to be considered for the post season, considering that they were able to loose their starting Quarterback to injury and have their backup QB step up. NFL betting experts seem to be convinced that this team is a contender. But not only that, their defense is something to behold… and fear.

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