LeBron Changing His Number

September 7th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook online is likely to see LeBron James with a new number next season as his familiar number 23 will be changed to number 6.

It might not make many fans happy who have LeBron jerseys but the switch is in the works and is expected to be in place for next offshore sportsbook season.  The sportsbook online question for Cleveland will be whether LeBron wears that number six jersey for them or for another team.

Sportsbook online has seen four Cleveland players in the past wear the number six and none are really well known.  Larry Nance, Shannon Brown, Mitchell Butler and Jerome Moiso wore the number six for the Cavaliers as offshore sportsbook indicated.  James says he wants the #23 to solely be associated with Michael Jordan.  What he may not have thought about is that the #6 has been worn by Julius Erving and Bill Russell. “The first thing I think of is Dr. J,” Cavaliers coach Mike Brown said. James said back in November that he was considering giving up his number out of respect for Jordan and now he has officially done so.  Sportsbook online has seen James wearing the #6 on his practice jersey and the number six with the Olympic team.

The NBA does not have to grant LeBron’s request as sportsbook online has it, but there is no way they can say no to their most important player.  A player only needs the NBA’s approval if he switches numbers on his current team.  Offshore sportsbook indicates that if LeBron plays for another team he can choose any number he wants. “All it does is back up LeBron’s beliefs,” Brown said. “He’s a loyalty guy. When he believes in something, he sticks to his guns and he believes wholeheartedly in what he’s doing.” Sportsbook online indicated that it is not the first time a marquee player has switched numbers as Kobe Bryant did the same thing. “We remember the 8 on Kobe, but we also know the 24,” Cleveland guard Mo Williams said, “After a year or two, people will look past the old number and let it rest with Jordan.”

The bigger sportsbook online question will be answered this summer after the NBA Finals as LeBron becomes a free agent.  He is among a number of big names that could switch teams and impact offshore sportsbook odds including Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

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