College Football First Half Betting at the Sports Book

December 1, 2010 Sportsbook

Sports book college football first half wagering is one of those areas in sports betting that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it should.

Oftentimes at the sports book you will see a first half line on college football games.  You can bet these first halves just like you would the regular game and get some definite advantages.  Sports book first half college football lines are interesting to consider. It is pretty easy to see how first half lines are made in college football betting. Usually the sports book pointspread for the game is just divided in half with an extra point or so added to the favored team.

For example, let’s say that BYU was at Air Force and the Cougars were a 7-point favorite for the game at the sports book. Usually the first half line will be BYU -4 at the sportsbook.  Another example might be where Oklahoma is laying big points at home to Utah State. The line for the game has the Sooners at -41 at the sports book. Here you will see more of an adjustment on the favorite because the line is so big.

Instead of seeing a -21 or so, you are probably more likely to see a -24 for a first half line at the sportsbook. That is because college football games with big spreads tend to turn into blowouts earlier in the game, and that makes the first half wager in sports betting more attractive for bettors. You also get your starters in the first half of a blowout game where you won’t get them late in the game.

If you are looking to bet first halves in college football betting at the sports book your main reason for doing so is to avoid the backdoor cover.  It is sure a lot easier to lay 24 points than to lay 41 points at the sports book.  Most people bet first half favorites at the sports book but actually underdogs do well in certain situations too.  What is important to consider is the statistics that influence first half bets at the sportsbook. Some teams just come out strong, while others come out weak in the first half.

First halve wagers are still not that popular at the sports book but that doesn’t matter to you.  The sports book doesn’t get much action on the number so they don’t move it much.  Anytime you can get something that is given less attention at the sports book it is good news for you and that is the case with first half college football wagers.