Cavs obliterate Mavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers are steamrolling their way to the playoffs in the final stretch of the NBA Basketball betting season. Yesterday they dismantled the Dallas Mavericks 127 to 94. It was a exceptional basketball exhibition by the Cavaliers, led by MVP candidate LeBron James with 27 points. As for Dallas, it was a nasty beating that is leaving several questions regarding their performance and how are they going to fare in the final stretch of the regular season.

The Cavs have surpassed almost all their rivals on the Eastern Conference and are safely positioning themselves on the second spot in the Conference Rankings. And last night’s exhibition went to show once more just how good the Cavs can really be. Just to give you an example, all the Cleveland starters except Mozgov, who scored 17 points, broke the 20-point barrier last night. LeBron, also dished out 8 assists (passing Mark Price’s all-time Cleveland Assist record), and was not wearing his trademark headband. NBA Basketball Betting odds had the Cavaliers as the favorites coming into this game, and with such a high scoring effort, the point spread was more than covered.

As for the Dallas Mavericks, last night’s game was a nightmare that might not be over just yet. This loss, plus Oklahoma City’s resurgence and the threat that is Anthony Davis and the Pelicans, will have them seriously worried about their NBA Basketball Betting odds to reaching the playoffs. The final two spots on for the playoffs on the Western conference will go down to the wire. The Mavericks are a talented team that is struggling and if they do not bounce back soon, they might find themselves on the outside looking in for the playoffs. The race for the playoffs will be red hot on the final weeks.