Can Seahawks' Defense Contain Patriots' Offense?

Patriots player tackling Colts playerSo the battle to consider for Super Bowl betting will come down to how effectively can the Seattle Seahawks' defense control the Patriots' intimidating offense. Currently, the full line for the game reads, New England Patriots -1 (-110) with a total of 47½ (-110). There is a lot riding on the Seahawks defense, and in a way they are expected to make or break the spread for the Super Bowl.

Pretty much, there is a consensus by books and betting experts that the Patriots are the favorites to win in a very VERY close game. The line has shifted since when it was first posted as it was an EV for a day or so after the Conference Championship games.

Seattle's coach Pete Carroll has built a team that is effective on offense and flawless on defense. He doesn't seem to seek out complex schemes that could potentially be used against them. He sees his defense as a simple, effective and well-oiled machine that gets results.

Their defense is very versatile and creative. What this means for Super Bowl betting purposes is that the Patriots offense, unless something completely unexpected happens, there will be few points scored in this game. It is going to be a complete battle.

Know this, the entire Seattle Seahawks organization LOVES the fact that they are considered the underdogs in this matchup. It only adds fuel to their fire. They love the narrative "Us versus the World" that the media is making them out to be.

And, on top of all that, they are playing the New England Patriots. The vilified, controversial, and hated Pats. It's all motivation for the Seahawks. Mind you, they are the reigning World Champs, and perhaps the best team in the NFL right now. So, Super Bowl betting fans shouldn't see them as underdogs too much.