SBG Global’s FREE 2024 Super Bowl Contest.

SBG Global’s FREE 2024 Super Bowl Contest is a skill competition based on the results of the $10,000 Weekly NFL CONTEST where participants will be asked to select the teams that they anticipate will win their respective matches. Participants will win based on their accumulation of correct picks over the course of the entire regular season.

Contest Regulations:

  • Entry to the 2024 Super bowl Contest is completely FREE.
  • Participants must have an SBG Global account and must also sign up by creating a unique nickname to participate. This nickname will allow you to track your placement during the contest.
  • Each participant is entitled to only one entry for this contest.
  • Only an active client will be an eligible contest winner. Active meaning having played at least twice a week during the entire NFL regular season.
  • You start to accumulate points by entering the weekly picks in our $10,000 Weekly NFL Contest. Each winning pick in the $10,000 Weekly NFL Contest will be awarded one point.
  • The participant with the highest amount of winning picks will be our Grand Prize winner, earning:
    • Grand Prize : $10,000 cash prize
    • $30,000 worth in cash prizes will be handed out to participants that place from 2nd-30th.
  • In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker will determine the winning order. The Week 18th game from the $10,000 Weekly NFL Contest will be used to determine the tiebreaker. * The TOTAL from the week 18 game will be used as the tiebreaker.
  • SBG Global’s determination of any winner shall be final.
  • The contest starts with the first game of the NFL regular season and ends with the final NFL game in Week 18.
  • At the end of the regular season, SBG Global will notify the winners of their prizes (by e-mail or telephone).
  • Prizes cannot be transferred nor exchanged.
  • The nickname of all confirmed prize winners will be posted on the SBG Global’swebsite in a timely fashion following the completion of the contest.
  • The contest will be null & void if the NFL season is cancelled due to any reason outside of our control.

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