Betting on the Final 4 against NC Tar Heels is a mistake

November 8th, 2019 NCAA Basketball, Sportsbook

Everybody loves a good underdog story, it gives us a warm feeling inside when we encounter one, but when it comes to betting on the Final Four, that charming fairy tale needs to be kicked to the curb. Syracuse will face this Saturday the most talented and well-rounded team in the entire tournament, and the smart pick to win the national Championship. The North Carolina Tar Heels are not going to fall victim to another Syracuse epic upset. The Orange’s arms are too short to box with God.

The North Carolina vs. Syracuse betting odds hold the Tar Heels are the -9½ favorites, and even though it might be tempting to try your luck on a long shot, Syracuse is not going to be able to overpower and contain North Carolina’s offensive machinery.  And looking on to the possible Final game, both Villanova and Oklahoma are teams that on paper would have a terrible time trying to guard all the different sorts of weapons that North Carolina has. Betting on the Final Four against the Tar Heels is NOT a smart move.

Granted, many insiders are testing the odds and hinting that Syracuse’s chances are better than the Final Four odds posted. Mainly due to North Carolina’s somewhat poor 3 point shooting, and Syracuse’s persistent defense. But that argument is paper thin.

Bryce Johnson has been incredible this tournament for North Carolina and he is expected to continue to dominate in the Final Four. He has gotten 23 doubles all through out the season and is the heart of the Tar Heels team. But, the advantage that sets the Tar Heels apart from the other teams in the Final Four and tip the college basketball lines in their favor is the supporting cast that Johnson, has been getting thus far by his teammates. If you are betting on the Final Four the names Marcus Paige and Justin Jackson should be familiar, as they are the unsung heroes of this great Tar Heels squad.

The North Carolina’s back court is considered by many insiders as the edge that sets this team over the rest, and if they manage to continue getting the same out of these players, there really shouldn’t be any shock when they cut down the nets in 2016. Villanova and Oklahoma (either team) could present worthy opponents on the Finals and they might even be able to pull the upset. But, no other team in the tournament can compete with the Tar Heels in the post.

When betting on the Final Four, it is very tempting to fall for the feel-good, heart-warming story. The Favorite could be made out to be the bully, but in this case they are a talented group of young men that have been consistent enough the entire season. Syracuse has only been good for a month. Don’t make a silly mistake, lay your money on the proven team. They will not let you down.

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