2016 Australian Open Mens Semifinal – Djokovic vs. Murray

November 18th, 2019 Sportsbook, Tennis

The 2016 Australian Open on the Men’s side for singles is down to the Semifinal round as the World No.1 N. Djokovic of Serbia faces the No. 2 A. Murray of Scotland with the match taking place on Thursday the 28th of January 2016.

The tennis fans that Bet on Tennis at an Offshore sportsbook should know that the early favorite in this match naturally is N. Djokovic at -320 while R. Federer is considered the underdog at +240.

This should turn out to be one of the best matches of this Australian Open as the World No. 1 takes on the World N. 2 in a tournament semifinal. This is actually the 45th time these 2 world best meet and in all their previous matches they have equal on their victories over that span of games. Now fans are wondering if the World’s No. Djokovic can make it to his 6th Australian Open Title, or can Federer bring about another victory and win his 18th Grand Slam Title by winning this Australian Open.

The fans of No. 1 Djokovic know that he struggled in the 4th round in his win over G. Simon the Frenchman 6-3, 6-7, 6-4, 4-6 and 6-3, and he 100 unforced errors while recording 62 winners, and got the attention of Djokovic, then in the quarterfinal crushed K. Nishikori of Japan in consecutive sets 6-4, 6-2 and 6-4.

Yet Djokovic still needs to improve as in the win over Nishikori he accumulated more forced errors at 27 and winners at 22 so yes it got his attention, and he only made 6 aces and he could not find his dominating serve. He did make 57% of 1st serves and 65% of 1st serve points in the match. Even as he struggled somewhat he still was strong on returns as he won some 48% on points receiving and had 6 of the 11 break points in the match.

Last season, Djokovic actually had a hard time in the Semifinal at this Australian Open against R. Federer as they split some 6 matches on the tennis hard courts, as Djokovic won some 65% of 1st serve points against Federer in those matches. If Djokovic is going to win his 6th Australian Title he will have to improve on his serves forthcoming. But remember Djokovic has beaten Federer in their ultimate 3 Grand Slam meetings.

The fans of the Scottish R. Federer are aware that he in the Open of Australia lost only 1 set, and that was in the 3rd round to G. Dimitrov the Bulgarian and moved on from the semi’s with the win at 7-6, 6-2 and 6-4 in the quarterfinals over the Czech T. Berdych. In that match the strength of Federer’s serve overtook his opponent as he made 82% of his 1st serve points in the match, and had 9 aces against the Czech Berdych, and also won 42% or the return points. He also improved getting 48 winners in comparison to the 26 unforced errors in the match.

Should Federer continue playing like that he will be a difficult opponent to anyone, as he been on top for the entirety of this event to date. His best game came in the 2nd round as he beat the Ukrainian is consecutive sets as he made 25 aces and won some 89% of his first serves. Thus to date Federer has on 1st serve points he has record some 75% wins.

Federer the winner of 17 Grand Slams has one big advantage if he can continue to control the pace of the match with his serves. Yes we know Djokovic is very athletic and talented, but Federer has a style base on finesse that could give Djokovic problems if he relies on his athletic abilities. For one thing, Djokovic has struggled to keep his unforced errors at a minimum in this Australian Open. Thus if Federer can take advantage of that, he may be able to get past the No.1 and move on to play for his 18 GS Title. In Federer’s last 14 matches on hard court he has won 12 and lost 2.

The online gambling prediction for this semifinal match sees Djokovic struggles continuing and Federer gives it his best and upsets Djokovic to move on to the finals and play for his 18 Grand Slam Title.

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