Sports Betting Page – Marquee MLS Matchup on ESPN 2

October 23rd, 2020 Sports Betting

Sports Betting Page – Marquee MLS Matchup on ESPN 2. The MLS doesn’t get that much attention on the sports betting page but there is a marquee matchup on Saturday night as New York faces Los Angeles.The match will be shown on ESPN 2 and ESPN Deportes and it features a number of high profile players.  Let’s take a look at Saturday night’s game and the odds in Internet sports betting.

Top Two Teams
The New York Red Bulls lead the Eastern Conference standings with 14 points while the Los Angeles Galaxy leads the Western Conference with 15 points.  There is no question this game is one of the highlights of the regular season in Major League Soccer. New York has star players like Thierry Henry, Dwayne De Rosario and Rafael Marquez while the Galaxy has Landon Donovan and David Beckham.  Henry has finally heated up as he has three goals in his last three games for the Red Bulls. The Red Bulls have won their last three games and outscored their opponents 8-0.  Los Angeles has also played well of late even though they lost last Sunday on the road to Dallas.  The Galaxy are looking for revenge from last season when they lost 2-0 to New York. There is no doubt that both New York and Los Angeles are title contenders this season and Saturday’s match is a big one.

Huge Match for MLS
There is no question the MLS badly needs better ratings on ESPN 2 and this week’s game between New York and Los Angeles is huge as is next week’s one between Seattle and Portland.   The ratings on ESPN 2 so far have been terrible and the league needs a good couple of weeks.  If two of the most high profile teams like New York and Los Angeles can’t get ratings then no teams can.

Los Angeles Favored
The Galaxy are favored in soccer odds on the sports betting page because they are at home. It is very tough for teams traveling from one coast to another to win.  In fact, in the 20 previous times that has happened this season the road team is winless at 0-11 with nine draws.  The Galaxy should get some action at Sbgglobal because they are at home and because of their star power.


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