Late Season Schedules Matter in NBA

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting on the last month or so of the NBA season can always be interesting as teams fight for playoff spots.

Some teams will be jockeying for playoff seeds while others will be fighting their way into the picture.  Which teams have the schedules that will make sportsbetting wins easier?

Sports betting should favor the Orlando Magic down the stretch.  They have less than half of their remaining games against teams with a winning record.  They have more than half of their games at home where they are extremely good.  The Magic do play four sets of back-to-backs but Orlando has been pretty good in those no-rest situations this season.

Another team that is set up well in sports betting for the stretch run in the NBA is Atlanta.  The Hawks have a similar schedule to Orlando since only nine of their remaining games are against teams with a winning record and most of those are at home.  The Hawks have been excellent at home the past couple of seasons.

Miami is in a battle to make the playoffs and they probably will make it, especially since their schedule is extremely easy.  They have just eight games left this season against teams with a winning record.  They get New Jersey twice before the season is over and they also have what should be easy games against the Knicks, Pacers, 76ers and Pistons twice.  If the Heat don’t make the playoffs with that schedule then they should fire everyone associated with the team.

What about teams that could struggle in NBA sports betting down the stretch?  The San Antonio Spurs will be missing Tony Parker for the rest of the regular season and the schedule does them no favors. They have six back-to-back situations and the Spurs have not done well in those spots since they are an older team. They have 14 road games left and that is also not good news for the Spurs.  What helps San Antonio is that they have a big lead over the 9th place team in the Western Conference. Another team that has a tough remaining schedule is Boston. They have 15 games left against teams with a winning record. Eight of those games are on the road. Denver is another team that has a lot of games left against winning teams so don’t look for them to excel in sportsbetting.

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