Key Sports Betting Line Moves at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting gamblers often recognize that the flow of sports betting line moves work in their favor by allowing events to sort themselves out and for the line to stabilize so they can make a good judgment on whether or not there is value on the line.

It is also good for the online sports betting gambler to let the public decide which way they are going on a game before making a final decision in sports betting

Sports betting can be more profitable if you understand the line moves. Sometimes as a sports betting gambler you have to act quick if you want to get a good number when betting the favorite. If you are a dog player it is almost a given that you should wait until the day of the game to bet. Obviously we are talking about football here, but the same principle applies to other sports. If it is basketball or baseball and you like the favorite, you are almost always better off betting the game just after the sports betting line is released. If you like the dog you are better off waiting until close to game time in online sports betting.

You can also look at sports betting line moves in a different way than just favorite and underdog. Sometimes you want to get involved in a football game in which the sports betting line had a quick early move, but then later in the week had a move the other way. It is quite possible that the early move was a setup for a move later by a professional group. Looking at the late movement is usually a better indication of where the smart money is going. The early moves are very often by groups that like to bet a number of games strictly based on their opening sports betting numbers. The later moves in the week are more likely to be from a group of online sports betting players that has isolated a particular game or games.

In addition to the professional and public sports betting line moves you will also see lines move on news of injuries, weather, trades, etc. These sports betting line moves are not based on anything other than general sports news. You want to be aware of them, but you don’t want to put too much stock in them. As you look at online sports betting and sports handicapping you don’t want to overreact to any one factor and that includes online sports betting line moves.

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