College Football Sports Betting Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting odds on college football are second only to NFL sports betting odds with gamblers around the world.

College football betting at sportsbooks actually involves a lot more games and a lot more action than the NFL because of the sheer number of games involved.

Sports betting odds on college football Saturdays are truly exciting. The games start at noon Eastern and often don’t end until early the next morning. This is different than the NFL that has games in two main segments of the day. College football betting at sportsbooks lasts for a full day. You start with the noon games, many of which are on TV, have a segment of 3pm eastern games, again many of which are televised, move on to the 7:00 pm eastern games, and wrap things up with the 10:00 pm late games. There will be half of the sports betting college football season where you also have a late Hawaii home game to finish off the day.

As you look to bet sports betting odds on college football you want to be disciplined. The large amount of games on a busy Saturday looks very appealing in sports betting odds. It is very easy to get carried away. What some sports betting odds experts have done with their betting is separate the busy day into different parts. They treat their day as individual parts broken up into three main parts. They look at the early games, the midday games and the evening games in sports betting odds. This gives them three separate chances to win money at the sports book. It is an interesting sports betting theory. Some other professionals treat the day as any other and just make their plays in advance versus the sports betting odds, but for the recreational gambler it is sometimes easier to divide up the day.

While we know that sports book betting on a Saturday is great and exciting it can be overwhelming sometimes. One solution to this problem is to make all of your wagers versus the sports betting odds on Friday night. This is advantageous to you for a couple of main reasons. It keeps you disciplined so that you aren’t tempted to bet more games than you should versus the sports betting odds. It also usually gets you a better sports betting line because you bet the game before all of the line moves.

Remember that sports betting odds on college football betting are exciting. As you make your wagers this year versus the sports betting odds hopefully you will have great success and great fun.

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