College Basketball Sports Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting on college basketball can have the appeal of offering seemingly countless games on most nights.

With so many sports betting odds to choose from, as there are over 200 teams that are regularly on the board, opportunities abound for hidden values both on the side and total of college basketball sports betting lines.

Sports betting college basketball lines offer up so many different choices that there is also considerable potential peril as sports betting gamblers can easily end up betting the board with a grocery list of over ten, if not twenty games. Discipline is very important when wagering against college basketball sports betting odds.

College basketball features many different classes of teams. The traditional power programs, for example, such as Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, UCLA, Kentucky, and Arizona are the best known programs that the masses of gamblers will pay close attention to in college basketball sports betting. These teams often lack value on the college basketball sports betting lines due to their popularity with those masses, along with the respect they get.
Then there are the lesser known programs from the major conferences that don’t win consistently but can emerge from time to time to contend for the Final Four.

Mid Major programs often surprise versus sports betting odds, not just at tournament time, but also in the regular season. These teams often bring added value against the college basketball sports betting odds since the masses tend to ignore them. These can be teams from mid-major conferences like the WAC, Missouri Valley, Sun Belt, etc.

March Madness brings the different dynamic for the sports betting lines of a considerable amount of ignorant public money that you don’t see in the regular season, which is primarily bet by “sharps” and college basketball sports betting junkies.

College basketball can be a great sport for sports betting parlays, as there are more games with more chances to find excellent betting value. It’s also a great game to wager on future college basketball sports betting lines. Overall, college basketball sports betting lines give you more chances to win money than any other type of sports betting lines.