Bucks Trade for Maggette, Could be better in Online Sports Betting

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

The first of many pre-NBA Draft trades that could impact online sports betting NBA odds has been completed as the Milwaukee Bucks got Corey Maggette and the 44th pick in the NBA Draft from the Golden State Warriors for Dan Gadzuric and Charlie Bell.

Maggette averaged 19.8 points per game last offshore sports betting season for Golden State and he could provide some scoring for a Milwaukee team that badly needs it.

Online sports betting odds didn’t favor Golden State or Milwaukee a great deal of the time last season.  The Warriors were a major disappointment while Milwaukee was up and down.  The Warriors are discarding Maggette basically to save money while the Bucks are picking him up because they expect to lose John Salmons in free agency.  Golden State will save about $15 million in the deal.

Golden State may not get much out of Bell or Gadzuric so it really was all about money.  Bell averaged 6.5 points, 1.5 assists and 1.9 rebounds per game last season while Gadzuric averaged 2.8 points and 2.9 rebounds per game. Golden State was very happy to dump Maggette’s salary on someone.  Maggette is making about $10 million per season so the Warriors will now have a lot more salary cap room after this season.

The Bucks needed a scorer and they got one in Maggette.  Whether they will win any more games with Maggette is a definite question.  Maggette has done nothing in his career to show that he can lead a team to wins.  He gets a lot of points but he plays no defense and he can be a ball hog.  Golden State head coach Don Nelson loved Maggette even though he did nothing to help the team win. Golden State still has the sixth pick in the draft so sending Milwaukee the 44th overall pick is not a huge deal.  The big thing for the Warriors was getting rid of Maggette and saving money.

The Bucks are going to be interesting to watch but they may not be any better vs. the offshore sports betting odds with Maggette. Point guard Brandon Jennings seems to want a lot of shots and now they have another player in Maggette who doesn’t share the ball much.