Bradford Could be Top Pick in NFL Draft

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting next month will include the NFL Draft where the St. Louis Rams have the top pick.

Early speculation was that the Rams would go for a defensive player but all indications now are that the Rams will select Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford.  Internet sports betting is always interesting on the NFL Draft and this year it will be in prime time over multiple days.

Sports betting on the Rams through the years has not been very good, especially recently. That could change if the Rams get Bradford.  St. Louis is looking at taking Bradford at #1 if all of his physical tests come back okay. Bradford had surgery on his shoulder but every indication is that he has fully recovered.  Bradford missed most of last season after getting hurt in the opening game against BYU.  St. Louis really needs a quarterback since they have gotten very little out of that position in recent years.  General manager Billy Devaney has said that the Rams are considering Braford with their top pick. They do want him to get checked by other doctors before the NFL Draft next month.

There is no question that to win in the NFL a team has to throw the ball. It didn’t used to be that way but the NFL has changed the rules to protect quarterbacks and receivers.  Now it is teams like New Orleans and Indianapolis with high profile quarterbacks that are doing well in Internet sports betting. The Rams need a quarterback to compete in sports betting.  In terms of average yards per passing attempt, four of the five best passing seasons since 1994 have come in the last four years.  Did you know that the teams that finished in the top third in overall passing yards have gotten 21 of the 36 playoff spots recently?  Nine of the top 10 passing teams last year made the playoffs.  Is there any question that to win in sports betting the Rams need a quarterback?  It is nice to have good defensive lineman but the bottom line is that a premier quarterback is an absolute must.  Many who are looking at the 2010 NFL Draft believe that Bradford can be a franchise quarterback.  The Rams are also coming to that conclusion and that is why Bradford is now the leading candidate to be the top pick in April.