Are the Cavaliers the New Sports Betting Favorites?

October 31st, 2019 NBA Basketball, Sports Betting

With the Conference Finals right around the corner and with Cleveland sweeping their second straight playoff series; sports betting fans should begin to wonder if the Cavaliers are better than the Warriors right now. Let’s look at the cold facts: The Cavaliers are on an 8-0 winning streak and they are comfortably waiting for an opponent in the Easter Conference Finals, for a second straight year.

LeBron James is playing at the best we’ve seen him all season long. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are pulling their weight and, for arguably the first time since banding together, Cleveland appears to have their “Big Three” firing at all cylinders.

Meanwhile on the West, The Warriors dropped the Rockets, but lost Steph Curry in the process. They moved past them without Curry, but not without losing one game in the series. Then, versus the Blazers, on the first two games the Warriors looked just as good as if they have Curry playing, but on game three Damian Lillard torched them with 40 points and, despite having a great game on offense, the Warriors lost once again. Now, with the series still on the line, and Curry not cleared yet to return the Blazers could tie the series and achieve the unthinkable: force the series to move past 5 games. In all due seriousness, sports betting experts don’t think that the Warriors will be out of the Western Conference. But with questions regarding Curry’s health, currently is becoming a bit harder to place the Warriors as top favorites for the NBA Championship over the Cavaliers.

Granted, the Western Conference as a whole is a much better pack of talent than the East. The Pistons and the Hawks would not be able to hold their own against the Rockets and Blazers. The Hawks and the Pistons almost stole a couple of games from the Cavaliers, so take that with a grain of salt. Cavaliers have had the good fortune of keeping a full healthy roster and ending their series rather quickly. While the Warriors are showing that they are not all that depending of the presence of Curry to move forward. All the supporting cast has stepped up to the occasion. It remains to be seen if Curry will be back for Game 4 or 5 (at the time of writing, Curry’s presence for Game 4 is listed as ‘unlikely”), but the Warriors have been able to not slow down without the back-to-back league’s MVP.

In the East, the Cavaliers will endure their first real test when they face the Raptors or Heat in the Conference Finals. Sports betting insiders have already stated that they believe that this would be a very tight race. And it would be with an additional flavor if it were the Heat vs the Cavaliers. While the Warriors might be facing their toughest competition, when they face the Spurs or the surprising OKC Thunder. One thing is for sure: Even though the Warriors might be the better team, of the two, Cleveland is more likely to reach the NBA Finals.

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