Online Spades

December 1st, 2010 Skill Games

Online spades is a modern game nowadays. Spades became well known during the late 1940s primarily on campuses in various colleges.

Online Spades

The real origin is unknown and hard to track down. By reviewing several references from other card games, it has been said that the game of Spades is a descendent of Whist. Online spades also contains the essence of Bridge, Euchre, Pinochle and other alike games when it comes to plays in partnership, money bids and trump suit.

Online spades, like any other online game, comes from determined roots. The great Bridge author, George Coffin, tracked the roots of the game of online spades back to the Mid-West. He concluded that the game was inducted in Cincinnati OH at some point between 1937 and 1939. From that point on it started spreading to different cities, other regions and finally into the military. Spades, due to its fast pace, was played a lot among soldiers in times of World War II , as it was a game that under battle conditions could be quickly interrupted.

Because of its bidding system that is very basic, the game of Online Spades results to be very appealing. Also because it is a quick moving action game and it has great opportunity for advance plays. Online spades is basically a trick game. The player that wins the trick is the one that has the highest ranked card.

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