Rugby World Cup Quarterfinal Preview Argentina vs. Ireland

December 2nd, 2019 Rugby

As the 2015 Rugby world Cup moves into the Quarterfinals we have an exciting Rugby match-up on Sunday morning as Argentina plays Ireland on Sunday the 18th of October 2015 with kick-off scheduled for 8:05 AM ET with the game being played at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, United Kingdom.

The opening odds for those that Bet on Rugby at an Offshore Betting site like SBG the favorite is Ireland at -3 ½ -115 and the underdog Argentina is +3 ½. Ireland has made it this far but presently they are playing with a limited roster thus are not to inspiring for their fans. The Argentina team has played well and finished 2nd in the C Pool behind the strong New Zealand team.

However, this match-up is as important as any, and we wonder whether Ireland can overcome their injury problems and move on into the semifinals of this Rugby World Cup

If you are a fan or like the Argentina team (Los Pumas), then you know your team has been performing well from how they played in the Pool stage of this tournament, as N. Sanchez scored some 51 points which is 3rd most in this tourney, and J. Imhoff and S. Cordero each scored 3 points.

In the Pool Stage the Argentina team was the only team that was not blown away by New Zealand as they lost the game 26-16 and all other were beaten by 33 plus points. In this match-up Argentina’s N. Sanchez should have opportunities to score against the Irish since they allowed some 12 penalties in the Pool stage, and Sanchez has scored on some 9 in the 1st 4 matches to date. Sanchez can be a big asset in this game as he puts points up with his kicks and that should be a big advantage for Argentina. Furthermore the Los Plumas have succeeded in preventing tries, as they have only allowed 2 in their 4 matches to date. Los Plumas in their ultimate 6 matches have won 4 and lost only 2.

The for the fans of Ireland, it appears your team has troubles as your star flanker S. O’Brien is going to miss this quarterfinal game with Argentina as he was suspended when he agreed that he punched a French rugby player last Sunday in the Pool Stage of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. He is the 2nd to date in the tourney with most carries over goal line at 29, and next Irish member is K. Earls with some 20 carries which ranks him 12th in the tournament.

The Irish have already been without their Captain P. O’Connell out with an injury to hamstring, and P. O’Mahony also injured while J. Sexton is questionable for this match-up, and he is the 13th with 31 points in this tourney.

With the pending injury problems the Irish are facing, they will look at R. Kearney to step up and do the scoring for the team, as in the pool stage he scored 2 tries. Supporting him will be T. Bowe who has also scored 2 tries, and Earls can be beneficial as he scored 3 tries in the same pool stage to date. Another Irish player that can help is I. Madigan who in the pool stage made 4 of 4 penalty kicks, and had 5 of 7 conversions in the pool stage. The Ireland team in their ultimate nine matches is with 7 wins and 2 losses.

The sportsbook prediction for this 2015 Rugby World Cup match is that the Argentina team will upset the Irish and move on to the Semifinals.

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