Gamblers Get Ready for the Rugby Betting Odds at SBG!

Gamblers Get Ready for the Rugby Betting Odds

February 20th, 2019 Rugby, Sportsbook

On the whole Rugby was something of a marginal sport a generation ago when online gambling was just kicking in as a viable reality.  To begin with Rugby was a sport focused on Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.  More emphatically Americans did not have much interest in the Rugby betting odds.However, that has changed significantly through the years.  Starting with the meteoric growth of online gambling and sports entertainment options has Rugby become “A Thing.”  Gamblers throughout the world now watch and bet on Rugby.  To illuminate the sport ranks with American football in appeal.

Intense Physical Play

Rugby catches the immediate attention of gamblers due to its physical play.  Secondly there is much more action and scoring compared to soccer.  Overall most anyone that gives Rugby a chance ends up as a lifelong fan.  With the advent of so much sports content available to consume it figures that Rugby would move itself to the front of the line.  In view of the physical play American fans have gravitated to the sport.  Supplementing that is a large increase in wagering with the Rugby Betting Odds.

No Pain No Gain

In particular an aspect of Rugby that is most appealing is its lack of whining players.  Comparable to soccer the players in Ruby come off as much more relatable.  Toughness is a trait that is universally respected and no athlete comes off tougher than a Ruby competitor.  As an example, you will not see Rugby players flop on the grass as if they were just fatally shot as is the case in soccer.  Flopping and embellishing is against the code of the sport.

2019 Rugby World Cup

With that in mind there is going to be considerable sportsbook action at the 2019 Rugby World Cup.  It is true that any conversation about championship Rugby begins with New Zealand.  Not only is Rugby the national spot of New Zealand but they are the most successful international program of all time.  Certainly the “All Blacks” are the marquee brand of the sport and its flagship team.  To be exact New Zealand is the two-time defending world cup champion.  Namely the All Blacks added to their 1987 championship with titles in 2011 and 2015.

New Zealand

New Zealand’s excellence goes back decades as proven by their winning record against every nation they have ever played.  Commencing with the world ranking system in 2003, New Zealand has occupied the number one ranking more than any other country.


Concurrently Ireland is ranked second in the world and is still looking for their first World Cup championship.  Ireland’s best result is a quarterfinal finish which they have done on six occasions.  Indeed, the Irish posted quarterfinal finishes in 1987, 1991, 1995, 2003, 2011, and 2015.


England may be best known for its soccer but their rugby skills cannot be underestimated.  More emphatically England is ranked third in the world.  In turn England beat the Rugby betting odds in 2003 to win the World Cup.   Last time out at the World Cup was a major disappointment for England as they failed to get past the knockout round.

Wales and South Africa

Consequently, ranked fourth and fifth in the world rankings are Wales and South Africa.  Wales is still looking for a breakthrough with a best finish of third place in 1987.  South Africa won the 1995 and 2007 championships.

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