A Run for your Money with Betting on Preakness Stakes at SBG

A Run for your Money with Betting on Preakness Stakes at SBG

October 10th, 2018 Horseracing, Preakness Stakes

To be exact few Horse Racing gambling events are as challenging for gamblers as the Preakness Stakes.  As the second of the three Triple Crown races each spring the Preakness can be a minefield for gamblers.  First, the Kentucky Derby winner usually enters the Preakness as the overwhelming betting favorite.  This is based on the two weeks of celebratory hype that follows the Kentucky Derby.  Second, the Preakness Stakes will often feature a much different lineup of horses than what was seen on Derby Day.  Accordingly, these well rested and capable horses often serve to ambush the Kentucky Derby winner.

Make Preakness Count

Additionally, many of the Kentucky Derby losers blow off the Preakness Stakes.  Account of no longer being in the Triple Crown hunt the owners are not interested in risking injury to their horses.  Along the same lines the betting on Preakness Stakes dynamics turn out to be significantly different.  For all that, there is also the pressure on the Kentucky Derby winning team.  Anything less than a win in the Preakness means abject failure.  Especially with Triple Crown winners coming through in two of the last four years.

Casual Betting Money

On this occasion the casual betting money is almost all on the Derby Day winning horse.  Although the Preakness is not as popular as the Kentucky Derby it is still one of the top Horse Racing top events.  Namely the Preakness Stakes gets way more betting action than most any other horse race.  Subsequently this means a lot of casual public money is wagered.  Most of all the vast majority of dollars bet is based on Kentucky Derby hype.  Of great concern is the actual merits and betting value of that Derby winner.  Sharps often scour the lineup for alternatives.

Resort to Handicapping

Regardless of the media fawning of the Derby winner a serious handicap is still required.  Overall the number of horses competing in the Preakness Stakes is much smaller that the Derby.  Indeed, the Kentucky Derby usually boasts a massive field of contenders.  Balanced against that is the much smaller Preakness field.  As mentioned earlier that field is also comprised of many new horses.  As a consequence, serious players must crack the books and do homework. Encompassing that are many excellent websites that can get Preakness Stakes bettors a quick advantage.  In like manner information is power at the Preakness.

Sharps Race

Correspondingly, betting on Preakness Stakes is often considered a “sharps race.”  What that means is that serious horse players will fade the public by doing their research on capable alternatives.  It is true that many Preakness Stakes horses skipped the Kentucky Derby.  Following that is their tremendous advantage of having rest.  As a result, these fresher horses post a real danger to the Kentucky Derby winner.  Account of all of the prep work for the Derby and the race itself causes tremendous stress.  Extending that is the media blitz that follows.  Next is the short two weeks to prepare.

Pros vs. Amateurs

Increasingly the Preakness Stakes separates the pros from the amateurs.  To demonstrate the public will go into full amateur hour mode betting the Derby winner.  The reverse of that is sharps betting on the other well rested alternatives.  The end result is a captivating day of gambling.

Pimlico Race Course

The Preakness is run at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.  Especially important is the fact that it’s the shortest of the Triple Crown races. To illustrate the Preakness is just one and three-sixteenth miles in length.  Commencing with that is the Preakness moniker of being “The People’s Race.”  Fashion the less pretentious crowd at the race itself.  While the Preakness has tradition, it cannot match the Kentucky Derby.  Thus, it becomes more of a party.

Exotic Wagering

Exotic wagering becomes a more viable option at the Preakness Stakes.  Supplementing that are hedge bets with the Derby winner tied to new horses.  By reason of this gamblers try to have it both ways in the Preakness Stakes.  Consistent with that more seasoned players use exotic wagering as a way to not pay as much for the Derby winning horse.  Of course, they can still get something out of it should the Kentucky Derby winner prevail.

Challenging but Fun

A clear difference exists between the Preakness Stakes and other Triple Crown races.  Because of this, strategy and handicapping dynamics are far more challenging.  Yet they are also potentially much more exhilarating!

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