Biden Slight Political Betting Favorite over Trump

Biden Slight Political Betting Favorite over Trump

September 15th, 2020 Political Betting, Sportsbook

Above all the 2020 US Presidential election will be the most explosive in modern American history. From the moment that Donald Trump announced his 2016 candidacy has he been a lightning rod. Trump was hated by Republicans for his hostile takeover. “Me Too” Republicans grew fat and lazy. Also, they accepted the Democrat dictated rules of the game. Meanwhile, Democrats hated Trump because he would fight back against them. Democrats were used to having the Political betting parameters set by their narrative. Trump, unlike typical Republicans, refused to go along. His Presidency challenges all norms.

2020 US Presidential Election

Date and Time:Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Donald Trump -107
Joe Biden -133

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Overview and Analysis

At the beginning of the year, Trump was a solid sportsbook favorite to win reelection. Trump boasted the best economy in American history. But then came the coronavirus. And the economic shutdown as a response to it. Democrats blamed Trump for anything and everything. And their media pool became their own publicity department. Trump has been fighting wars on all fronts. In short, it’s a miracle he has a chance at all. Gamblers still believe Trump can pull the election out. Subsequently, he has gained over 70 cents in the past month.

The Biden Harris Ticket

Joe Biden is the former vice president to Barack Obama. To begin with, he was elected to the United States Senate in 1972. Biden’s previous 1988 and 2008 Presidential runs were abysmal failures. To illustrate he developed the Political Betting reputation for being a gaffe machine. And a gas bag that would often plagiarize for speeches. He has no significant legislative accomplishments. It follows that he and his son became extremely wealthy during his “government service.”

Biden selected California senator Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential nominee. First, Harris benefited from her affair with a married man twice her age. Then San Francisco mayor Willie Brown facilitated the Harris rise. Second, Harris comes from a one-party state. Republicans aren’t competitive in California. And she has the voting record of someone within those parameters. Harris isn’t well-liked or all that respected. And she doesn’t add anything electorally. Biden would win California regardless of running mate.

The Trump-Pence Ticket

Fashion Vice President Mike Pence dwarfs Harris in gravitas. He was Indiana governor before becoming VEEP. Pence has performed several significant tasks for Trump. Most important of all was the COVID-19 task force. He coordinated all efforts with governors at the peak of the crisis. Harris pales in comparison.

As for Trump, he is a two-sided coin. To illuminate his positions on the issues poll well. His bombast and tweeting do not. Trump has gotten positive results on the economy, peace, and energy production. Encompassing that are two Nobel Prize nominations. His economic blueprint helped America survive the body blow of the pandemic. Accordingly, his policies may have prevented a depression.

Death of American Journalism

Extending Trump’s election challenge is the “news.” Or the fact that “news” often resembles a second campaign against him. Objective journalism in America was always a myth. Now the media doesn’t even pretend to be fair. Concurrently polls show most Americans realize this. But there are still millions of voters who consume news as if it is just that.

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