Biden Emerges as Slight Presidential Election Betting Favorite

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc all over the world. Financially it has caused the worst drops in the Dow Jones Industrial Average since the Great Depression. Millions of people are losing their jobs due to the coronavirus. Meanwhile the odds for Presidential Election betting have been dramatically altered as well. Incumbent President Donald Trump has gone from a -170 favorite on February 13 to his current status of even money. Counter to that is the surge for Democrat Joe Biden who has gone from +1600 to a -105 favorite in that same time frame.

2020 United States Presidential Election Odds:Donald Trump EVEN, Joe Biden -105.
2020 US Presidential Election Date:November 3, 2020

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COVID-19 Becomes Everything

Concurrently the world right now is in survival mode, waiting out the Coronavirus. Scores of folks lucky enough to still have work are doing it from home. The stock market collapse is eating away the retirement savings of countless individuals. Immigration policies and government responses to COVID-19 have become political time bombs.

To illuminate many Democrats and their news media allies can’t hide their joyous glee. To them the coronavirus could be the silver bullet they have been looking for in destroying President Trump. And if millions have to suffer or even die, they don’t seem to care.

Balanced against that are some surprisingly complimentary comments from Democrat Governors. Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gavin Newsome of California have praised the Trump Administration for its rapid and aggressive response. Further, Newsome said that everything promised by Trump has been delivered. This will damage the credibility of other Democrats and “journalists” already blaming Trump for all that is COVID-19.

Stimulus Package

Naturally the offshore betting landscape will continue to rapidly change as events unfold. Emotions will rise and fall with unemployment and stock market figures. Trump is trying to stem the tide with aggressive economic relief and stimulus packages. Even notorious Trump basher Dana Bash of CNN, the President’s media arch enemy, praised him for his leadership.

Biden Blows Out Sanders

In comparison to a month ago former Vice President Joe Biden has what his “news” media friends are calling “Joe-Mentum.” Democrat Establishment leaders decided in February that the party had to close ranks behind Biden. One by one candidates quickly dropped out, clearing the path for Biden. Subsequently he has become a Presidential Election Betting favorite after sweeping the rest of the primaries.

And Sanders, just as he did against Hillary Clinton in 2016, did not fight Biden. The man that rails for a “socialist revolution” has once again proven to be a paper tiger. Consider Biden’s past racial comment gaffes, softness on China, and personal corruption. It was a goldmine that Sanders ignored. In view of this cop-out those who were “Feeling the Bern” are once again left with an empty bag. Account of Sanders getting a shoreline estate the day after he endorsed Clinton in 2016 one wonders what he was promised in 2020.

Volatile Days Ahead

Commencing with President Trump himself is the promise of a daily roller coaster ride. Almost by the hour he dominates the news and sparks fierce reaction both good and bad. Biden will likely lay low for now and raise campaign funds as he mulls his Vide Presidential choices. More emphatically the betting lines should be fluctuating like the stock market in the weeks ahead.

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