2022 US House & Senate Elections Show GOP Favored

2022 US House & Senate Elections Show GOP Favored

Second-year results for a President of the United States can often be rough. Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump are among the Presidents that took it on the chin in year two. The fickle American public will often give the out-of-power party a huge Political betting odds win in the off-year elections. Especially when the country is not performing as it should. Inflation is raging out of control in the United States. Further, Joe Biden promised to end COVID. But the variant is raging out of control. The Democrats are underdogs as 2022 begins.

United States House and Senate Elections

Date:Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Odds to win House of Representatives

Republican Majority1/5
Democrat Majority9/2
No Majority66/1

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Odds to win Senate

Republicans over 50 Seats4/11
Republicans Exactly 50 Seats7/2
Republicans Under 50 Seats11/2

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Joe Biden is not President of the United States because he is liked or respected. Instead, he is President because he is not Donald Trump. And Biden may have had some help in the vote counting. The 2020 election was the most divisive and nasty in American history. And with the country performing far worse now than it did under Trump, the Democrats have nowhere to hide. Despite the fact, they have the media, pop culture, education industry, and the establishment nearly 100% on their side.

But real people struggling to make it have already had enough. And there are millions more of them than the other groups combined. Accordingly, high gas prices, which affect everything else, are a sore spot for the electorate. So too are wide-open borders amid a pandemic. Also factoring in Biden’s terrible sportsbook approval numbers was the abandonment of Americans in Afghanistan. And then there is the annoying arrogance and lecturing of the Democrats. If the economy was good, it would be ignored. But the economy is bad and getting worse. And someone is going to pay.

2024 United States Presidential Election

Date:November 5, 2024

Odds to Win:

Donald Trump7/2
Joe Biden26/2
Kamala Harris 9/1
Ron DeSantis12/1

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Despite being hated by all Democrats and more than a few Republicans, Donald Trump is the favorite to win back the Presidency in 2024. That is a testament to the fickle nature of the US political lines. The same people that tired of Trump’s mean tweets and boorish behavior are so disgusted with Joe Biden that they would vote for Trump.

Concurrently Trump was thrown off Twitter right before he left office. This has served to be a good thing for him. Trump has been out of sight and out of mind for the masses. As a result, people don’t hate him as much. That is often the case in American politics. The less a person is heard, the more they are liked. As a matter of fact, that is how Joe Biden ran his 2020 campaign. He hid in his basement and issued scripted platitudes.

Trump has the advantage of being right on the issues for most Americans. They just can’t stand his personality. On the other hand, the Democrats often win elections on symbolism over substance. Cause by the substance of their policies being so repulsive to most voters. For example, Virginia is a lesson. Since 2002 there had been only one Republican governor until this year. This Democrat state finally had enough of the Democrats and voted GOP. It’s a warning for 2022.

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