WSOP Schedule Full of Surprises this Year at SBG Global

WSOP schedule TV makers certainly know how to keep the fans attention. A quick perusal through the ESPN WSOP schedule TV for the 2008 season makes it abundantly clear the event has put together so that every second of air time maximizes the WSOP schedule’s air time

While poke may not be the most popular spectator sport on the tube, it’s popularity cannot be denies and anyone that has had beefs about WSOP schedules in the past should be more than pleased with this year’s ESPN WSOP schedule.

WSOP schedule TV makers have their hands full and it’s certainly not the easiest of the programming jobs at the colossal ESPN network. For starters the WSOP schedule TV makers are a decided handicap and face quite an uphill battle when trying to configure their event and its air time with to come up with the final ESPN WSOP schedule. It’s no secret that when compared with the mainstays of ESPN such as NFL games, NBA broadcasting and MLB baseball, the WSOP schedule TV is almost always likely to receive second-billing. But the WSOP schedule TV makers are obviously resigned to this fate and until poker –if ever- can match football in terms of popularity the WSOP schedule TV will always be a bit of a fringe event relative to the more popular sporting events.

But the WSOP schedule TV committee has done an impressive job trying to maximize the profile of the WSOP schedule TV and hopefully reach as many sports fans out there as possible. For the WSOP schedule TV makers their mission is two-fold: to appease the many of the already existing ESPN WSOP schedule TV and to reach out to fans of the card game that have yet to catch a WSOP schedule TV broadcast and turn them into fans.

In order to try and accomplish this goal the WSOP schedule TV committee is going to throw the traditional format for the event on its head. This bold move could prove to be just the injection of lifeblood that the WSOP schedule TV needs or it could prove to a disastrous gamble that doesn’t turn out in favor the event. Normally the finals for the event are held the day after the nine players for the final event qualify. But this year, in a major twist of the traditional WSOP schedule, the event has been bumped to November. So fans of the WSOP schedule TV have been waiting since May to see the event played out.

Whether or not this move will pay off in the long run remains to be seen, but if it’s a success, you can be sure that this will become the standard WSOP schedule TV in the future.

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