WSOP 2008 Winner Youngest Yet at SBG Global

The WSOP 2008 winner is a prestigious position to be awarded. To have won the World Series of Poker, one needs to think quickly, have a stone poker face, a logical mind, and a little bit of luck.

The ages of the winners can vary greatly. You didn’t need to be very physically fit to have participated and potentially become the WSOP 2008 winner. It just so happens that the winner at the WSOP 2008 Final Table was the youngest to have traded chips across the felt surface of the WSOP poker table.

WSOP 2008 winner Peter Eastgate is no more than 22 years old. He is the youngest winner of the World Series of Poker to date; younger than Phil Hellmuth, formerly the youngest winner, who was 24 when he won in 1989.

Eastgate, nickname Icegate, is also the first European WSOP 2008 winner since 1999. Icegate, from Denmark, left the WSOP 2008 Final Table with the final prize of over $9 million. As if 9 million dollars wasn’t enough, he also won the 2007 Irish Poker Open one year prior, making his total winnings after becoming the WSOP 2008 winner over $9,200,000.

As fans kept their eyes fixed on the WSOP 2008 Final Table, they were able to watch as 8 of the 9 finalists stood up from the table one by one in defeat. They knew that soon the WSOP 2008 winner would be determined, and Eastgate knew that as each person wiped out, his chances of being declared the WSOP 2008 winner would increase greatly, and they did.

First to stand up from the table and relinquish their chance to be declared WSOP 2008 winner was Kelly Kim. She was followed by Craig Marquis. 6 more players followed until two people were left fighting at the WSOP 2008 Final table, duking it out for the title of WSOP 2008 winner. Those two players were Ivan Demidov, and Peter Eastgate. Ivan, a 27 year old professional poker player from Moscow, put up a strong fight against Eastgate, but in the end gave up and left Eastgate to be the WSOP 2008 winner.

It was down to the two contenders for the WSOP 2008 winner bracelet. Ivan Demidov was dealt a 4 and 2 of hearts, and Eastgate was dealt an ace of diamonds and 5 of spades. Once the flop was dealt (2d, Ks, 3h), it seemed as if Demidov was leading with a pair of twos. But once the turn card was dealt, a 4 of clubs, the deal was practically sealed. Eastgate took home the 2008 WSOP bracelet with a straight, Ace to 5.

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