Poker Terms and Glossary

In Texas Holdem online poker games, each player is dealt two poker cards. These cards in poker terms are known as “hole cards” and are dealt face down at the poker table. Each player will use his two hole cards with the five “community cards” on the board that are dealt face up on the middle of the poker table.

Players make the best possible five-card poker hand using the five board cards or one, two or none of his pocket poker cards as he is able to learn poker. The small and the big blind are posted before any cards are dealt. Review the poker glossary below for more information about game sequence and poker terms.

Small Blind

This is posted by the first person sitting clockwise from the dealer. It is generally half the lower limit of the table. For example: $2/4 table. The small blind would be $1.

Big Blind

This is posted by the second person sitting clockwise from the dealer. It is generally the whole lower limit of the table. For example: $2/$4 table. The big blind would be $2.

Betting Rounds

Flop games are played in four rounds: Opening, Flop, Turn and River. Cards will continue to be added as the game progresses.

Opening (Round One)

To start a round of betting in Texas Holdem online poker the dealer will give each player their two hole cards face down as part of the poker game. Action begins with the player sitting clockwise from the big blind. When it’s a player’s turn to act he has the three choices; fold, call, or raise in poker terms as he learns to play poker.  Folding indicates that the player won’t match bets and is not playing that hand according to poker game rules. When a player calls playing poker online, he matches the size of the required bet according to poker basics.  If a player raises he increases the size of the bet according to poker game rules.  Calling or raising will keep the player in action for that hand of the poker game.

Flop (Round Two)

After each player has acted when playing poker online, the dealer places three community cards face up in the center of the table, with this action being known as the “flop” in the poker glossary.  Every player who didn’t fold before the flop has the choice to check (not wager and pass play on to the next player) bet more money into the pot, or fold according to poker terms as he learns poker.  Once a player bets the other active players must fold, call or raise according to poker terms.  If all players check, betting closes for that round of the poker game as he plays poker.

Turn (Round Three)

The dealer will then put out a fourth community card, which is called the “turn,” according to the poker glossary with another round of betting that follows with all of the options for each player to fold, check, call or raise according to poker terms as he learns poker games.

River (Round Four)

The dealer will then turn the fifth and final community card, known as the “river,” according to the poker glossary which is followed by the last round of betting in online poker games.


At the end of all betting is the “showdown” according to the poker glossary where everyone shows their cards with the best hand remaining winning the pot according to poker basics. The best five card hand(s) wins the game. If there is a tie hand, the next highest card in a player’s hand will determine the winner. If a winner still cannot be determined, the two players will split the pot. In Omaha Hi-Lo, there will generally be two winners: Hi hand and Lo hand.

In Texas Holdem there is Limit Holdem where the betting limits are fixed in online poker games, Pot-Limit where the maximum amount a player can bet is the amount of the pot, and No-Limit where players can bet any amount at anytime as they play poker.

As you play poker online remember that Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo are other forms of Holdem but the difference is that players get four hole cards instead of two and must play exactly two of those cards combined with three from the board to make the best five-card poker hand as they learn poker.

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