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November 30th, 2021 Oscars Betting Odds

Oscars betting odds had been posted up around the internet for some time now and last night was the decisive moment of truth for the nominees.Oscars odds where celebrated yesterday on their 82nd Annual Academy Awards Ceremony. A couple of hours before the initiation of the ceremony, the media was already on the red carpet checking out the dresses and criticizing the looks of Hollywood’s greatest movie stars. Back at home, there were plenty of viewers that had bet on the Oscars anxious to see if they came out to be lucky winners along with their picks.

Oscars odds came to many as a surprise with some of the winners we all saw last night. Avatar was nominated for a total of nine golden statues.  The Hurt Locker was also nominated to nine Academy Awards odds according to the Oscars betting odds reports. Many fans thought that the main Oscar, for best Motion Picture, was going to be owned by Avatar and ended up being very surprised that the award went to Kathryn Bigelow’s movie. Tom Hanks was the presenter to quickly open the envelope to announce the Hurt Locker to be the winner of the important award.

Kathryn Bigelow has become the first woman director to ever win the Oscars Betting odds. Many Oscars betting fans did not expect for The Hurt Locker to take so many awards home. The Hurt Locker was the winner of six Academy Awards odds including two of the most important ones for Best Motion Picture and Best Director.

Twelve years ago James Cameron declared himself as “The King of the World” when Titanic won the Oscars betting odds for best Motion Picture. Sources say that he was very confident that he would repeat the story with his multimillionaire budget movie Avatar. He was short on the Oscars betting odds competition when his wife beat him to the award.

Other lucky winners of the Oscar betting odds where Christoph Waltz for best supporting actor, Mo’Nique for best supporting actress. Jeff Bridges gets his first win at the Oscars betting odds after taking home the award for best actor. Last but not least, Sandra Bullock who played a magnificent role in the movie The Blind Side ended up owner of the award for best actress.

SBG Global once again brought the information and of course the Oscars betting odds that all fans needed to really feel excitement of Hollywood’s important night. Stay tuned for next year’s Academy Awards betting odds with new surprises and new odds.


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