Interesting Longshots in Academy Awards Odds at SBG Global

November 30th, 2021 Oscars Betting Odds

Academy Awards odds always include some longshots that have a real chance to win. Academy odds fanatics will see that this year’s longshots in Oscars betting odds are interesting and they could prove to be profitable when the Academy Awards are announced on Sunday, February 22nd.  Let’s look at some of them.

Academy odds for Best Picture have “Slumdog Millionaire” as the heavy favorite but there are a couple of interesting longshots in this category.  The “Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is the second choice and getting 4-1 with this picture is definitely worth considering in Academy Awards odds.  A big longshot that could be a huge shock is “The Reader” in Academy Awards.  Don’t throw this movie out considering that Harvey Weinstein is promoting it.  Remember what happened in Academy Awards odds in 1998 when “Shakespeare in Love” won in a shocker.  It was Weinstein that made that happen.

There is a very nice longshot to win in Academy odds betting in the Best Actor category.  Brad Pitt is 10-1 behind the big favorite Mickey Rourke but it would not be a shock to see Pitt win the award.  Sean Penn is the second choice behind Rourke in Oscars betting odds but he has no value and probably won’t win.

Another excellent value in Oscars betting odds is Meryl Streep to win the Best Actress award.  She is actually the third choice in Academy Awards odds behind Kate Winslett who is the favorite and Anne Hathaway who is the second choice.  Streep could easily win this award and is a great longshot value bet in Academy Awards odds.

Although Penelope Cruz is getting all the publicity for the Best Supporting Actress award it could be Taraji Henson steals the award at Oscars betting odds of 7-1.

There are no real longshot Academy Awards values in the Supporting Actor category or the Best Director category.  Heath Ledger is going to win the Supporting Actor award posthumously going away in Academy Awards odds while Danny Boyle is probably going to win the Best Director award in Academy Awards .


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