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December 1st, 2021 Oscars Betting Odds

Oscars odds for Best Actress this year have Kate Winslet as the favorite and SBG gives you the chance to bet on it. This Oscars odds category is very interesting in Oscars betting odds because Winslet has a history of losing (0 for 5).  That could mean a longshot wins in Oscars odds for Best Actress.

Oscars odds show Winslet about a -125 favorite.  She is followed in Oscars odds by Anne Hathaway at 2-1, Meryl Streep at 3-1, Melissa Leo at 10-1 and Angelina Jolie at 12-1.  There are some other reasons that Winslet might not win as the favorite in Oscars odds.  She has won some other awards for her performance in “The Reader” but those were in the supporting actress category.  The Academy gave her more votes for lead than supporting actress which is why she is in this category.  She almost assuredly would have won the Best Supporting Actress award in Oscars odds but Best Actress is not a given.  Her performance in “Revolutionary Road” might actually have been better but the Academy does not allow an actress to have two nominations in the same category.

Meryl Streep is an interesting choice in Oscars odds for Best Actress.  History is not really on her side either though as she is 2 for 14 in previous nominations.  Anne Hathaway has gotten a lot of positive press recently and she could surprise and steal this award in Oscars odds.  She is now down to 2-1 in Oscars betting odds.

The two big Oscars betting odds longshots in this category probably don’t have a realistic chance.  Melissa Leo is an unknown in Oscars odds and in this group that is not a good thing.  Angelina Jolie is the biggest longshot in Oscars odds and although he has won an Oscar before (1999’s “Girl, Interrupted) she is just not getting much press over her performance in “Changeling” although it was good.

Some categories in Oscars odds don’t have much suspense but that is not the case with the Best Actress award this year.  You can make a good case for one of three women winning the award in Oscars betting odds.


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