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Online Wagering on the MLB Regular Season

As the regular season in Major League Baseball marches on, Baseball fans continue to explore tips on to favorites when doing their online wagering . As the season is nearing the All-Star Break, the standings are starting to reflect who is who on the league. But as we all know changes are to be expected.  So, as a fan who’s doing their wagering online, what are some things to look for when laying down action on the on going season.

One team that is currently catching fire and is cemented as one of the teams that will be on the post season is the Oakland A’s. The “Money Ball” team, lead by a hard-hittin’ Josh Donaldson, are an offensive powerhouse and they are showing no signs of letting up. The Athletics will definitely make things interesting this year for online wagering.

College Football: Online Wagering Bowl Predictions

We are months away from Kick off from College Football season, but lets take a look on how the upcoming season is looking and how online wagering will shape up this year. You might think it is a bit too soon to start making predictions and such, but when it comes to wagering online, experts will tell you, there is not such thing as over preparing.

Odds began getting posted on who will the National Championship game for this season, hours after Florida State beat Auburn. So, making predictions, and starting making your picks on the upcoming season is not such a far-fetched idea.  However, starting making your predictions certain factors can come into play later, like for example, we can´t be sure on how the College Football Playoff selections committee is going to pick which four teams will get into the playoffs and which eight teams are going to get slotted into the other four. But all things considered here are some of our predictions.

MLB Playoffs Online Wagering

Less than a week before Major League Baseball goes into post-season mode (and the Internet into MLB online wagering mode) there are still teams fighting to clinch a wild card spot in the playoffs.

Online wagers: Florida State Seminoles vs. South Florida Bulls

The Florida State Seminoles have proven themselves now. Last week, against the #10 Clemson Tigers, Florida State got their signature win, coming out on top 49-37 thanks to a dominant second half performance.

Online Wagering: Wisconsin Badgers vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers

The Wisconsin Badgers and the #22 Nebraska Cornhuskers are two teams responsible for the underwhelming Big Ten start to the season thanks to a pair of Pac-12 upsets in week 2.

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