NBA Playoff Online Wagering: Heat Host Bulls in Wild Game 4

May 31st, 2011 Online Wagering

What a wild turn this series has taken since Game 1 of the Eastern Conference NBA playoff online wagering in Chicago.

The Bulls played arguably their best game of the season and completely and utterly embarrassed the Heat to the tune of 103-81.  But this is the NBA playoffs and fortunes can change overnight just as they have for the Bulls.

In tonight’s Game 4 matchup the Bulls have to win in Miami just to keep this series alive.  No team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the conference finals and it’s highly unlikely that Chicago would become the first.

The Bulls have dropped the past two games, one at home and one on the road and have a struggled to score as this series turned into the low-scoring defense-a-thon that most people expected from the outset.

Both teams have been superb on defense and neither team has scored more than 96 points in the past two games but the Heat have come out on top simply because they’ve got more weapons on offense.

These are arguably the top two defensive teams in the NBA online wagering competition and but the team that scores the most points wins.  And Chicago’s offense has struggled to do that in Games 2 and 3 shooting 30% and 40% from the half court set in those losses.  With MVP Derrick Rose as the team’s only legitimate scoring option the Heat defense is free to key on him on and take chances and create turnovers.  He’s faced constant barrage of double and triple teams and so far his teammates have been unable to pick up the slack.

The Heat offense is also flawed but when you have LeBron James and D-Wade in the lineup they make up for a lot of mistakes.  You can double team one, but not both players.  And even if you focus your defense on stopping those two players you’ve still got all-star Chris Bosh to contend with, a player that’s coming off a 34-point performance in Game 3.

The Bulls are good enough to beat the Heat in Miami but they won’t do it in Game 4.  This is a team without a lot of playoff experience and it will show tonight.  Expect the Bulls offense to feel the pressure and to force things –especially Rose.  Miami will continue to apply the defensive pressure and rely on its premiere scorers down the stretch to win another slug fest at home and put this series away.

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