Online Wager Spotlight: Who’s going to win The 2011 NBA Finals?

May 31, 2011 Online Wagering

Only seven teams remain in the hunt for the 2011 NBA title, and if you were making an online wager on the competition technically only six remaining (the Boston Celtics are all but eliminated from the playoffs after falling into an insurmountable 3-1 hole to the Miami Heat).

And the question on every online wagering fan’s mind is: Who’s going to win the 2011 NBA Finals?

It’s a good question and right now it has no good answer.  There’s simply too much basketball left to play, and with two of the conference semi-final games completely up in the air it’s very difficult to even predict which teams will be in the conference finals due to matchup problems.

So far the Mavs are the only to officially book their spot in the conference finals, although the Heat is just a formality away from doing so.

In the West the Mavs will either face the young but talented Thunder or the upstart Grizzlies.  Against the Thunder you’ve got to like the Mavs chances.  They play a similar up tempo game but the Mavs have better talent, more experience and are simply better at that game.  Against the Grizzlies it’s a wash.  The Grizzlies are a real wild card this year in the NBA post season as anyone that’s made an online wager against them can tell you.

What make the Grizzlies so difficult are their size and strength inside and their quickness at the point.  Both of the strengths play right to the weakness of the Mavs.

In the East the Hawks and the Bulls are locked in 3-2 series that’s far from over.  The Bulls were the best team in the regular season but their offensive ineptitude gives the Hawks a slight edge in this series even if the Bulls cling to a 1-game lead.

In a potential Eastern Conference Finals matchup with the Miami Heat you’ve got to like the Heat’s chances simply because their two superstars Lebron James and Dwyane Wade are such a formidable challenge for opposing defenses and Miami’s team D is outstanding.

If the Heat makes it out of the East they’ll likely face either the Mavs or the Grizzlies.  Neither is a very good matchup for the Heat.  Miami’s defense is excellent but they simply don’t have the depth to match up with all of Dallas’ stars.  And against the Grizzlies PG Mike Connelly will destroy them as will the team’s size in the paint.

Too early to pick an outright winner for an online wager on the NBA Finals, but whichever teams end up playing for the trophy it’s going to be a great 2011 Finals.

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