Offshore Wagering Universe Focused on 2010 NBA Finals

December 1st, 2010 Online Wagering

With the Stanley Cup Finals betting season finally over and the World Cup yet to begin, for a few brief days the NBA Finals betting action is the center of the offshore wagering universe.

While there are many different online sports betting opportunities out there right now and very soon the World Cup betting action will take over the world of sports betting, at least for a few hours and days, right now the NBA Finals betting is focus of most online wagering companies.

And for a change the NBA betting action is actually quite engaging.  After Michael Jordan retired there has been little to hold the attention of sports betting fans and offshore wagering companies have struggled to find a way to may these NBA Finals betting lines more attractive to online betting fans.

Even while Jordan was playing the NBA Finals betting action was predictable but because Jordan was the centerpiece there was plenty of demand from sports bettors and it seemed that almost everyone in the basketball betting universe wanted to see Jordan and the Bulls dominate.  And accordingly they went to online wagering companies’ websites to wager on Jordan’s success and the budding Bulls dynasty.

But ever since Jordan hung up his Bulls jersey the NBA Finals betting action has been mostly lop-sided, predictable and pretty un-interesting for most sports betting fans.  But in recent years, the old sports betting feud between the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers has been re-ignited, and fans of offshore wagering via the Internet have been the winners.

Not only has this epic rivalry been great from a sports betting purists point of view, but for the most part the competition on the court has been awfully compelling as well.  With this year’s NBA Finals betting action tied at 2-2 with three games left to play anything can happen.  And that unpredictability not only creates wagering opportunities for online betting fans, but it makes for great entertainment as well. 

So for the next few hours, until the 2010 World Cup betting action is officially ushered in, the NBA Finals will enjoy the sports betting spot light and deservedly so.

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