MLB Betting: Will the Mets return to the World Series?

November 11th, 2019 MLB Baseball, Online Wagering

Die hard Mets fans are still reeling over the loss they had versus the Kansas City Royals on last October’s World Series. Now MLB betting experts are weighing in if the New York team can emulate the Royals 2015 story and be back on the World Series and win the championship. Yet, as good as the Mets are, they are still the Mets and they have this funk about them that follows them around. Their story of shortcomings cast a shadow on the Mets that makes sports betting fans cautious before picking them to win it all.

Why must you believe in the Mets? Well, currently the baseball betting odds listed for them to win the pennant is +855 (same as the San Francisco Giants, just behind the +555 Cubs), they have +505 odds to win the national League just a bit behind the +325 Cubs, and they are the overall favorites to win the East division of the National League with -115. They are strong favorites and an interesting pick to select to win it all… yes; we know it sounds a bit too optimistic by Mets’ standards. But they have the talent to pull it off.

The talk of the off season among MLB betting experts has been how the Cubs and the Giants have built these two awesome teams, talented enough to reach the World Series comfortably and without too much opposition. However the Mets aren’t too far behind talent wise on their roster.

Their pitching rotation is impressive to say the least and their offense should still be pretty good. But, on the other hand it will be very difficult for the 2016 Mets to replicate the same success they had offensively last season as many experts anticipate that there is some regression coming their way. However, it should be that bad as they are still good enough to win the division and give the Cubs a run for their money in the National League.

Online wagering insiders consider that the Mets will ultimately fall short in their attempts to seek vindication on the World Series. It must be considered that  the departure of three of their starters during the off season, could shake things up a bit in Citi Field. Offensively it is yet to be seen how can the Mets perform in comparison to their stellar previous year.

The advise for MLB betting fans when it comes to the Mets is to trust their pitching staff and consider that their overall built up is still up there atop of the National League with the Chicago Cubs. The troubled history of the Mets failure to reach a higher level might be a jinx for some, but it could be over this season. But, the main obstacle in the Mets’ way are the exciting Cubs. Should they meet again for the national League pennant, it will be a wild and exciting series, but comparing on how both teams are staffed this season, we have to side with the Cubbies.

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