Upcoming NFL gambling season

December 16th, 2021 Online Gambling

NFL Gambling aficionados were in awe last season as the New England Patriots made history. The gambling world was also in awe as the team lost the Super Bowl as fortunes were made and lost on offshore gambling sites. As the 2008 NFL gambling season fast approaches the entire football world is anxious to see how the once invincible Pats rebound from the devastating loss.

Gambling experts still believe in this team and in Vegas and most offshore gambling sites the Pats are still the leaders in the gambling odds to win the upcoming Super Bowl. But if history is anything to go by the Pats will have tough road ahead in terms football gambling. The Seattle Seahawks have been the only team in recent years to lose the Super Bowl and make the playoffs, let alone contend for another Super Bowl gambling title.

Things will be very different this year and many offshore gambling experts even think this team will face considerable difficulties. Still barring an act of God this team will still make the NFL wagering playoffs for no other reason than they play in a rotten division. Regardless, any time you have Tom Brady behind center, your team has a great chance in the NFL offshore gambling odds. And with one of the best offenses in the history of NFL betting still in tact the team will be able to put plenty of points on the board.

Still, teams saw the hurt that the Giants put on the Pats on NFL gambling’s biggest stage and will take note of the effectiveness that the blitzing strategy had on Brady and Co. But the real question mark for the Pats will on defense. The defense is getting old. The linebacker corps especially is amongst the oldest in NFL offshore gambling and it must get better if the team is going to challenge for another NFL gambling championship. The secondary is also a big question mark with CB Asante Samuel departed.

There are plenty of NFL gambling question marks surrounding this team as the season approaches, but there is no question that this team is still among the top tier of NFL teams and even if it doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl it should be still be very competitive in the NFL gambling.


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