Trailblazers next gambling season at SBG Global

December 16th, 2021 Online Gambling

Gambling odds are good sometimes and at other times not so good. But the sports gambling world luck plays a huge role in your gambling fortunes. Take for example the Portland Trailblazers which get a tremendous dose of good gambling fortune when they landed the lottery pick and selected Greg Oden, but then quickly received a shot of awful gambling luck when he was lost to injury for his entire rookie season.

Gambling that he’d be back and 100% healthy next season the Trailblazers did not rush the big man prodigy back last year and are hopeful that when he returns in the 2008-09 season he’ll be 100% and able to get the Blazers back into the sports gambling playoffs for the first time in several years. And as crazy as that might have sounded a year or two ago to some gambling fans, the Trailblazers could be one of the rising powers in the west.

No team on the NBA gambling scene has a more talented or promising core of young talent than the Portland Trailblazers. While this young team certainly isn’t on the same footing as top sports gambling franchises in the NBA like the Lakers or the Spurs, this group is defiantly good enough to make deep run in the NBA gambling playoffs. The team has done a terrific job drafting (much thanks to some good gambling luck in the lottery) and trading over the past few years.

Brandon Roy is a poor man’s Tracey McGrady and potential MVP candidate in the eyes of many sports gambling experts. He should be averaging 25, 5 and 5 next season with help from his teammates, according to many gambling odds makers. And he’ll get plenty from potential all star LaMarcus Aldridge whose blossomed into one of the best second year players in NBA gambling and 20 point scorer per gambling contest.

But the biggest difference maker next year will be the return of Oden to gambling action next year. This year all the Blazers lacked was rebounding and gambling scouts are hopeful the big man will provide this in double figures.


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