Top gambling online pitchers at SBG Global

December 17th, 2021 Online Gambling

Top gambling online pitchers at SBG Global. The all-star break is fast approaching and as the mi-point approaches it is impossible to avoid all the statistical comparisons that seem to flood gambling online these days.

When it comes to pitching there have been a handful of superb performers in the sports gambling and several that have distinguished themselves from the rest in the gambling action.  But three names in particular have risen to the top of the gambling heap and they are Volquez, Lincecum and Webb.

Most likely, based on their stats so far in the gambling season, these three will be dueling it out for all the major awards this season.  Of it’s also very likely that there will some other pitchers to surge in the second half of the gambling online season to challenge, but these hurlers look like they’ll be in it for the long haul sports gambling season.

The three pitchers rank 1-2-3 in the NL ERA stats and have been awfully good from day one.  Brandon Webb of the Arizona Diamondbacks has quietly become the best pitcher in baseball over the last three seasons.  Many gambling fans have never even heard of him, but just ask any opponent he faces or any gambling online expert to list the pitchers in sports gambling and his name will be atop nearly everyone’s list.  Webb exploded out of the gates wining his first nine gambling online starts and made a bid for sports gambling history as he tried to win ten straight.  He came up short but has continued to pitch strong racking up an 11-2 record with a 2.58 ERA and 75 Ks, awfully good gambling online stats by any account.

But this year Webb has been equaled in his sports gambling stats by two young pitchers.  Tim Lincecum turned heads as a rookie last season in San Francisco and is following it up this year with a superb online gambling season.  He gambling online stat line reads:  8-1, 2.15 ERA and 83 Ks.  In many gambling online seasons that would put him in the drivers’ seat for the Cy Young.  But in this year’s gambling online action he’s been bested by Edison Volquez, who in his third year in the majors has came out of nowhere and been the best pitcher in the NL gambling online action through mid-June.  With an ERA of 1.56, a record of 92 and a league leading 96 Ks, he’s been the best in sports gambling so far.


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