Kobe in the online gambling NBA finals at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Online Gambling

Online gambling is full of superstars.

When it comes to the NBA and online gambling there is no other player, loved or hated that has the skill set that Kobe Bryant has, and anyone that enjoys sports gambling can not help but enjoy watching his performance.

Now, after a long absence from one of the biggest stages in online gambling he’ll have a chance to shine and the Boston Celtics must find a way to stop him or become yet another sports gambling footnote in NBA history.

Online gambling pundits have been going wild over the prospect of an L.A. Lakers vs. the Boston Celtics showdown for months and just recently got their sports gambling dream granted. When the Boston Celtics dispatched the aging Detroit Pistons and booked a place in the NBA Finals the online gambling community let out a collective sigh. Now the match up is real and the online gambling dream secure, for the Boston Celtics it’s starting to look more like a gambling nightmare than a dream. While it’s a fantastic thing to make the Finals the reality is that the team will be faced with the very difficult task of shutting down the NBA’s MVP, something no other team has been able to do in the online gambling playoffs or NBA regular season.

The Celtics have a chance though with NBA all star Paul Pierce taking the point in this impossible gambling mission. Online gambling experts like Pierce’s length and especially his basketball IQ. Plus, Pierce has some familiarity with Bryant’s game as the two play pick up games in the summer in L.A. Some online gambling critics have pointed to Pierce’s so-so defense of LeBron James in the earlier rounds of the online gambling NBA playoffs and fear a repeat performance against Bryant. And that may be considering that Bryant is perhaps the toughest player to guard in online gambling, but Pierce matches up better with Bryant than James.

James is rarity in online gambling and aside from being a tremendous basketball player he is brute physical specimen. James beat the double and triple teaming of Boston with shear strength. In that earlier online gambling match up Pierce was simply out muscled but still did a good job holding James to an awful shooting percentage.

If he can do the same to Bryant, the Celtics will have a good chance of returning to their previous sports gambling glory. But beware, as Bryant has a much better supporting cast than James and doesn’t need to score 30 points for his team to win the online gambling battle.

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