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December 1, 2010 Online Gambling

The US is known for its sporting prowess among sports gambling fans when it comes to international competitions but one sport that it has never faired well in is soccer.

But with the World Cup just two years off the current US squad has a chance to finally make a mark and many offshore gambling experts are expecting big things from this team.  Granted, the US will not be on the top of the sports gambling odds list anytime soon, but with a core of good young talent the US could advance farther than it ever has before in the World Cup sports gambling action.

South Africa will play host the spectacular sports gambling event.  It will be historic for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it will be the first time that the African continent has hosted such a major offshore gambling sporting event.  And if could also be historic for the fact that the US has a chance to finally make the knockout stages and perhaps challenge for recognition on the international sports gambling soccer scene.

Led by stalwart Landon Donovan who recently became one of the youngest players ever to reach 100 caps in international sports gambling action, offshore gambling analysts like the look of this young squad.  It is arguably the most talented ever assembled and it will have one major advantage over past US teams sent to international sports gambling events.  For the first time, according to offshore gambling accounts, the squad will be comprised entirely of professionals and what’s more, many of the US team plays in Europe the best testing grounds in sports gambling.

In years past the teams that the US sent to World Cup sports gambling events were good, but limited in the since that many of the players weren’t professional and therefore had difficulty matching the training of other countries.  Also, for many they were unaccustomed to international competition and lacked behind the other teams entered in the offshore gambling as most participants regularly see international and professional action.

But that will no longer be a factor the US team in South Africa.  And in 2010 nearly everyone involved in sports gambling believes that this should be the best World Cup showing by an American side ever.

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