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December 1, 2010 Online Gambling

Gambling fans of football are counting down the days until training camp arrives.

Then; follows the preseason, a small taste of NFL online gambling, and then; the regular season and all its great gambling opportunities.  But right now, the biggest gambling story in the NFL off-season regards Dolphin’s DE Jason Taylor and what will become of his NFL gambling future.

Gambling experts will tell you that over the past 8 eight years there has been no more effective sack machine in the NFL.  Taylor is a virtual lock for the NFL gambling hall of Fame with over 100 career sacks and at 34 years of age still among the best defensive players in all of online gambling.  With an NFL gambling defensive MVP award in 2006 has proven that he is still very capable of playing at a very high level even though he’s older than most online gambling players in the league.

But more than that Taylor has proven to be a class act off the field and away from the football gambling competition.  And perhaps that what makes his story so compelling.  But more than anything, it’s not what Taylor does, or has done on the football gambling scene, that makes his situation so compelling, but what he’s done off the football online gambling scene this off-season.

With a second place finish on Dancing with the Stars, Taylor now has a world of opportunity -away from the online football gambling world- open to him, and football is just one consideration in his life.

One thing is certain, the Miami Dolphins, desperately need him if they want any chance of having a decent defense.  The team’s (i.e. Bill Parcells) bull-headed stance on the Taylor issue is asinine.  The Dolphins are the worst team in football gambling for a reason:  they have no talent.  And letting your most talented player retire or trading him, are crazy things for a football gambling franchise as poor as the Dolphins to be doing.

If Parcells is serious is serious about winning on the NFL gambling field (which of course he is) he’ll set aside his colossal ego and beg, literally beg, Jason Taylor to come back to the team, if he any hope whatsoever of winning more than one game this game.

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