Presidential Gambling Contest at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Online Gambling

Gambling is a universal pastime that can be applied to any type of contest.

Recently the US presidential contest has been the focus of much gambling online interest and many sports bettors are now trying their hands at political gambling. Now that the two parties’ nominees for the post are set the gambling has picked up, but one thing is certain: John McCain will not win this presidential gambling contest and there are a number of reasons why.

Gambling odds makers have been very fluid with their odds this far, simply matching the ever changing mind of the general electorate. But now that the candidates are set their will be much less fluctuation in the thoughts of the gambling online populace. With the choices narrowed to just two gambling contenders, the gambling stakes have been raised and gambling online sites have become much more serious in the way the follow the race.

The problem, at least for people gambling on John McCain, is that he stands almost no chance of winning. Right now, eagerly on in the process, it may seem as if things are even between the candidates, and in terms of polls, public opinions and gambling odds, they are. But as this contest drags on, McCain will expose himself as candidate incapable of winning the presidential contest gambling.

For one thing he has strapped himself to two political albatrosses: the Iraq War and firm stance of non-negotiation with hostile states, even though the gambling polls show both stances are extremely unpopular. Yet, because he’s yet to face a gambling opponent from the other party these views have yet to be challenged by the gambling online public at large.

Secondly, he has had no media scrutiny until now, as the press and the gambling world were squarely focused on the Democratic primary. He is very likely to say some very unfortunate things (he’s known to have a wicked temper) when he comes under fire, and that will seriously damage his gambling odds.

Barak Obama on the other hand has already been exposed to some very tough gambling tests and emerged strengthened and relatively unscathed. These previous battle tests put his candidacy light years ahead of McCain’s in the gambling world.

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