Portugal in Gambling Online the Euro Cup at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Online Gambling

Through two games in the Euro Cup gambling online competition, one team has already established itself as the favorite.

So far Portugal has been dominant in the gambling online competition and some gambling sites have already crowned 2004’s Euro Cup runner up the champ of this year’s gambling online tournament.  And judging by the early gambling online results it’s hard to argue even though remains a huge amount of gambling site action yet to be played out

Portugal entered the gambling online action as a bit of a dark horse.  Not many gambling sites believe all that much in the team’s second-place finish in 2004 as the team had home field advantage throughout the gambling online action.  This year, with a relatively young side playing on enemy territory; most gambling online experts gave them an outside chance to go deep into the competition and no gambling sites made them the favorite to win the tournament.  But be that as it may, the Portuguese are now in the driver’s seat of this gambling online competition and are setting a strong pace for the rest of the field.

A first game 2-0 victory over Turkey was great opening to the tournament but not many gambling sites took notice as it was more or less expected.  But a second game drubbing of a talented Czech Republic team 3-1 made the gambling online world take notice.  Through two games the Portuguese are 2-0 with a 5-1 goal differential and are all but guaranteed a spot in the online gambling knock out round.

The Turks simply didn’t have the fire power or talent to hang with the Portuguese, but how to explain the 3-1 gambling online beating doled out to a very competent Czech side?  The only real explanation is that this team is very talented and has perhaps the most balanced side in the gambling online competition.  Spain has perhaps the best attack but the Portuguese are not far off, and their defense is also amongst the best in the competition.

And best of all for the Portuguese gambling online fans, star player Cristiano Ronaldo has yet to play even close to his potential.  Capable of taking over a gambling online game by himself, it would appear that as stunning as the Portuguese team has played so far, it’s capable of doing even better.

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