Political Races a Hot Subject for Internet Gambling Companies

December 1, 2010 Online Gambling

It seem ironic that Internet gambling companies post odds on the election competitions about the same politicians that campaigned to ban Internet betting.

Or maybe it’s simply justice. But whatever you call it, betting on political elections have become big business for the online gambling industry and it doesn’t appear that its popularity is going to slow any time soon.

It’s only been recently that politics has danced onto the main stage of online betting, but ever since the Internet gambling companies put this subject on the betting menu it’s caught on like wild fire.

One of the earliest races that was up for wagering and listed on online gambling sites was probably the second presidential election of Bill Clinton.

While the technology was still very crude by the standards of today’s online betting standards and the understanding of Internet gambling companies by most people was even cruder, it was easy to recognize the potential.

The interest in the Internet gambling companies’ election odds listings steadily grew in each US presidential race grew steadily thereafter.  In fact the most recent US presidential election win Barak Obama was elected was the most bet on presidential election in the history of Internet gambling companies.

It was especially intriguing as the race included the first woman and African American candidates to seriously be considered by the electorate.

One can only imagine what the next presidential election will bring in terms of online gambling interest from the general betting fan base.

But election betting is hardly reserved for US presidential elections alone.  Indeed, elections of heads of state in other countries also are becoming very popular online betting subjects.  The UK in particular seems to produce great interest in terms of which party will win the upcoming national elections, and further, who will be selected to lead.

US Congressional races are also quickly becoming great betting sport and with senate elections and a pivotal battle for the House on the election calendar this fall there should be plenty of election betting odds available throughout this summer and fall.

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