Online Gambling – Wayne Rooney Does a Complete Reversal and Signs with United

December 1, 2010 Online Gambling

Wayne Rooney did a complete 180 and surprised many in the online gambling world when he signed a new five-year deal at Manchester United.

Just a few days earlier Rooney had said he didn’t see a future with the club and wanted out.  Manchester United has struggled at times this season against the odds at Internet gambling companies and Rooney has done very little. Perhaps that will change now that Rooney has his money.

Last week there was not much doubt that Rooney wanted out at Manchester United. In a shocking reversal, Rooney decided to re-sign with the club.  Rooney gave manager Alex Ferguson much of the credit for convincing him to stay.  It could be that the boatload of money also convinced Rooney to stay.

Glazer Call
There are reports that the main reason Rooney decided to re-sign was because of a call by Manchester United owner Joel Glazer.  Rooney was ready to move to Manchester City and get a $15 million dollar a year deal but Glazer convinced Rooney to stay.

Rooney Injured
Even though United re-signed their star player they are not going to have him in the lineup for a few weeks.  Rooney injured his ankle in training and won’t play for a few weeks so keep that in mind as you consider the online gambling soccer odds at Internet gambling companies.

Ridiculous Amount of Money
While terms of Rooney’s contract were not released we do know that the money he is getting is insane.  Rooney was asking for $400,000 a week and originally, United said they wouldn’t go much over $200,000 per week. Reports are that United bumped up their offer to just under a quarter of a million dollars per week and Rooney took it. It is reported to be the highest salary ever paid to a player by Manchester United.

Manchester United defeated Stoke by a score of 2-1 on Sunday as Javier Hernandez filled in nicely for the injured Rooney as he scored twice. It was a much needed win for United as they try and get closer to Chelsea who is at the top of the Premier League standings.  Chelsea also got a win this week so they remain five points ahead of United in the standings.

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