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December 1, 2010 Online Gambling

Although online gambling odds favor the LA Lakers, anything can happen in NBA basketball and online gambling.

Online Internet gambling polls among bettors favor the Lakers and just about anyone you ask outside of New England believes that the Lakers have the upcoming NBA Finals online gambling in the bag.  Lakers have their work cut out for them if they want to hoist the league trophy.

Online gambling sites are loaded to capacity right now with NBA Finals information and basketball fans -especially Lakers and Celtics fans- have been flooding Internet gambling sites. People are looking for any edge they might be able to obtain in online gambling as the Finals appear to be a very competitive match up for the first time in history of Internet gambling.

On pure talent, the Lakers are the better squad; despite Boston’s Big Three most online gambling expert agrees that the Lakers are deeper. But this series won’t be a ‘gimme’ for the Lakers and if they want to come out on top of the online gambling battle they will need to play well and win the individual match ups. There are three match ups that will central in the team’s quest for Internet gambling greatness.

Lamar Odom must dominate his match up with whoever the Celtics throw at him according to the online gambling analysts. Odom is always a tough match up as his size; quickness and basketball savvy make him nearly ‘unguardable’. In this online gambling match up the Celtics have no one that can guard him and Odom must take advantage and score as often as possible if LA is to win the online gambling showdown.

Also, Kobe must wear out Paul Pierce on the defensive end and take him out his offensive game, something that will aid greatly in the online gambling defeat of Boston. The other element of the online gambling that the Lakers need to dominate to ensure a win is sharp outside shooting. If the Lakers can spread the Celt’s D, and strand Garnett in the middle without help, Gasol can ruin Boston’s Finals and win the online gambling.

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