Online Gambling – Sebastian Vettel Becomes Youngest F1 Champ Ever

December 1, 2010 Online Gambling

The winner of the F1 Championship was Sebastian Vettel as he rewarded online gambling bettors at the Sbg global sportsbook with a win in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Vettel became the youngest driver ever to win the championship as he took advantage of a mistake by Fernando Alonso.  Vettel started from the pole and was the favorite to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Internet gambling companies but Vettel needed help to win the championship since he was 15 points behind Alonso when the race began.

Terrible Decision Costs Alonso
Alonso ended up finishing seventh in the race as the team made a bad decision to pit early that cost them dearly.  Alonso got stuck behind Nico Rosberg and Vitaly Petrov for almost 40 laps and by the time he recovered it was too late. Alonso started the race third and ended up finishing four points behind Vettel for the championship.  All that Alonso needed to do was finish fourth to win the title but he couldn’t get the job done. Alonso was very upset after the race with Petrov but the bottom line is that Alonso’s team made a decision that ended up costing the team the title. In the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix it was Hamilton finishing second behind Vettel while Jenson Button finished third.

Youngest Champ Ever
Vettel is six months younger than Lewis Hamilton was when he won the title in 2008. It was a great year for Red Bull who dominated qualifying but sometimes had trouble winning races.  Vettel was able to win the championship with Alonso finishing second and Mark Webber finishing third.  Hamilton finished in fourth place as he was 16 points behind Vettel in the standings.

It was a very competitive online gambling season in Formula One with four drivers fighting it out for the F1 title. It was thought at Internet gambling companies that Alonso would win the title since he just needed a fourth place finish to clinch the title but Vettel took advantage of Alonso’s mistake and won the title.  Webber was thought to be the main threat to Alonso but it didn’t work out that way. Alonso’s team really followed the strategy of Webber’s team and it cost them when they could not get around Petrov.

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